Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 Reading Assignment Report Card

It's 2019 y'all! Which means it's time to report how we did on our 2018 challenges. How'd you do with the 2018 Reading Assignment Challenge?

Michelle and I hope you did a lot better than we did with this one... Needless to say we petered off in like April or May. Oops! Which has a lot to do with why we've revamped the challenge for this year. It's setup so that even we can succeed this time around ;) So, if you haven't checked it out yet, go to the 2019 sign-up post now. We hope you'll join us!

Report Card Time

Here's what you need to put on your Year-End Report Card:

  • Report which books you read, during which months of the 4th quarter (October, November, December).
  • Report which months, if any, you didn’t make it.
  • Link to your review and/or reading progress on Goodreads showing you read the book(s).
  • Your final grade for the quarter, based on this chart:
    • I made an A! Read all your books all three months of the quarter.
    • I made a B! Read all your books for two months of the quarter.
    • I made a C! Read all your books for one month of the quarter.
    • I made an F! Didn’t read all your books during any months of the quarter.
  • A statement of the grades you made in the previous 3 quarters. Example: In quarter 1 I made an A, In quarter 2 I made a B, and in quarter 3 I made an F. 


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