Friday, December 14, 2018

A Year in Anthologies! Sign Up Post! Come Join the Challenge!

Anthologies are so tempting. Most of them are on sale for like 99 cents and you think 22 books for 99 cents! Yes, please! Then you one click it and now have 22 anthologies sitting on your kindle that you have’t read yet. I know how that feel so I had an idea. What if we made reading those anthologies a challenge? 

Pick one or two maybe 6 anthologies that you want to read this year and get them read! Sometimes those anthologies contain your next favorite author. 
Here are the rules…
  • Challenge runs from Jan 1st to December 31st. You have until May 1st to sign up but must be signed up otherwise the anthologies will not count. So if you sign up in may any anthologies read before time will not count. 
  • Decide what number of anthologies you want to tackle this year. You don’t need to list which anthologies you want to read (unless you want to) just the number.
  • Sign up with a blog post, facebook, twitter, instagram or even goodreads and link it below. 
  • YOU MUST read the entire anthology for it to count, also you must review the anthology. The reviews will be in the kick off post, so you can link up throughout the year. You’ll earn points in the giveaway widget based on the length of the anthology you read. The longer the anthology, the greater the points. For example, below 500 pages is one point, 501 to 1000 pages is two points etc. 
  • At the end of the challenge you have a chance to win one of two $5 gift cards to amazon so you can buy more anthologies for next year. ;) 

Pretty simple, just read those anthologies that you were hoping to get to and the best part is you have all year to get through them.

Twice during the year there will be an update post to see how you are doing. Make sure to follow Because Challenges or follow the hashtag #bookologies on twitter to get more information or to find out when the updates will be posted.

Link up here

Do you have a bunch of anthologies waiting to be read? Tell us some of your most anticipated one in the comments below.
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  1. Yes, I definitely need this challenge. I'll have to see if I can swing it. Thanks for putting it together.

  2. I've so many anthologies that need to be read -- they're lonely, I"m sure, sitting on my Kindle. So this is perfect for me. I'll probably end up reading more than the number I gave, because I need to get that Kindle on a diet! This is a great idea for a Challenge and I wish you much success.


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